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My name is Allison and I have always been interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. In fact, I run a nutritional supplement business.

Although I knew the benefits of getting chiropractic treatments on a regular basis, I was not successful in finding the right office for me until I walked into Clear Purpose Chiropractic after my neighbor’s recommendation. I was immediately impressed by the professionalism of the office’s staff. Dr. Yarmand patiently walked me through the in’s and out’s of my spine’s condition. I was especially amazed to see the actual X-rays of my spine. My only goal was to have my straight posture back, which I didn’t think would happen too quickly. To my surprise, the next set of x-rays showed that my curvature had dramatically improved after just a couple of months. Moreover, I started to sleep better at night, felt more energetic, and digested food more easily. All of these prompted me to have a home party with Dr. Yarmand so that my friends and family could find out about the benefits of chiropractic care. Thanks Dr. Yarmand for your giving spirits.

I had no idea that having better posture could also boost my confidence. Walking into a roomful of people with your shoulders pinned back and your head high can definitely improve your social skills as well.
Lastly, I also want to mention that coming into Clear Purpose twice a week has become a pleasant routine. You can always count on seeing a couple of smiling faces, which has become a rarity these days!

My experience at Clear Purpose Chiropractic has not only been truly enjoyable, but educational as well. I first met Dr. Yarmand the end of a 5K race about a year ago. At that point, I was not very interested in receiving chiropractic work because I didn’t feel there was anything wrong with my posture. Oh, was I wrong!

After receiving complimentary x-rays (which revealed how little curvature I had in my neck) and talking with Dr. Yarmand about the deteriorating effects, I decided that I should be open to receiving help. Although I have not been able to make appointments consistently over the past year, my posture has improved from the chiropractic work and traction therapy that I have received thus far.

I believe in fate, and “running into” Dr. Yarmand after that race has changed my life for the better, especially with my new found awareness of correct posture. I am very excited to see my results continue to improve as I continue treatment at this lovely office.

I started going to Dr. Yarmand after I got into a really bad car accident that totaled my car last November. When I first went in, I was not looking forward to the appointment. I mostly went because my family and friends urged me to go. Reluctantly I went in, hoping that my treatment would just be 1 visit. Instead I found out that my back was in worse shape than I had anticipated and would need to be treating my condition for awhile!

Before I went to Dr. Yarmand’s office, I truly did not really believe in chiropractic care. Growing up, I had always suffered back pain because I was slouching from my height. Before my accident, I always felt sore and had discomfort in my back. After the accident, it got worse.

Now it’s been almost about 5 months and my back has never felt better!! I go in twice a week and do home traction exercises. I am walking with more confidence because my back is not hurting! Not to mention, I am no longer slouching!!!

The best thing is I can now walk with my heels!!! Before I would slouch and would always look and feel very uncomfortable. Now, I can walk with my head up high because I am more well-balanced from the healing that has taken place in my back.

For this reason, I look forward to my traction exercises! It’s so addicting when you feel good about yourself and walk better too! I am a true believer of chiropractic care!! Dr. Yarmand uses the whole mind-body approach and practices a holistic way of doing medicine on your back!!! It really does work!